Care Ministers

Care Minsters are lay persons who receive special training in the most appropriate methods and techniques

of providing the ministry of care—as an extension of pastoral care.Their purpose is to provide members of our congregation

in need of care for a wide spectrum of care situations. These include ministering to those who are hospitalized

or require outpatient procedures, and to those in nursing facilities or the home bound.

Spouses and other family also need special attention for which the Care Minister can provide assistance.

Certification Training

Training is developed and taught by Senior Pastor Randall Hamill, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.  The training consists of group training and providing a guideline for best practices in offering care ministry to patients and their families.  Some outside reading is recommended.  Upon satisfactory completion, the person is certified and consecrated as a Care Minister by the the FUMC of Grove and will work closely under supervision of the ministerial care staff.

The Care Minister Commitment

Care Ministers are trained and certified to supplement the care ministry of the ministerial staff. 

Each one commits to make themselves available to:
  • Visit those hospitalized.
  •  Meet with those who are to undergo inpatient or outpatient procedures.
  • Visit those in nursing facilities or home bound.
  • Deliver and administer Holy Communion elements already consecrated in our services.

These visits are generally made during the day at a time convenient to the Care Minister.

Being with a patient and their family prior to hospital procedures sometimes require visiting at a specific time,

often early morning and sometimes to nearby cities. 

At a minimum, the Care Minister should be willing to cover local care visitation needs once every two weeks.

Director of Care Ministry

Randy Mathews is our Director of Care ministry. He works closely with Certified Lay Servants to help minister

to all needs of the church body, whether physical or spiritual. Randy, Nancy Flowers, and others, can be reached at (918) 786-5148, or by email at

Here are suggested resources to read as a Care Minister, by Dr. Richard Dayringer:
  • The Heart of Pastoral Counseling
  • Life Cycle: Psychological and Theological Perspectives
  • The Image of God in the Psychology of Religion
  • Dealing With Depression
  • Pastor and Patient: A Handbook for Those Who Visit the Sick 
  • God Cares for You