Safe Sanctuary Policy

Our congregation’s purpose for establishing this Safe Sanctuary Policy and accompanying procedures is to demonstrate our absolute and unwavering commitment to create within our ministries a “safe sanctuary” that will foster healthy growth and development in spiritual and other dimensions as we have opportunity to provide ministry.  Safe Sanctuaries, established through the UM General Board of Discipleship (GBOD), is an overt expression of a congregation in making a congregation a safe place where children and youth may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith. More information

Volunteering with Children & Youth

The three step process is required for all volunteers and church staff working with children or youth in any FUMC activity.
Return completed documents to the church office.
These documents are also available from the offices of the Children’s and Youth Ministry Directors.
For information contact Sarah Brown, or Casey Brice, or phone 918-786-5148.

STEP 1: READ–Safe Sanctuary Policy icon_pdf (print for your future reference)

STEP 2: READ, PRINT & COMPLETE–Safe Sanctuary Participation Covenant icon_pdf 

STEP 3: READ, PRINT, & COMPLETE–Safe Sanctuary Volunteer Application icon_pdf