Infant Room

Our infant room is filled with many toys, books, sensory and other materials which are sanitized and rotated everyday. When you pick up your child at the end of the day, your child’s teacher will give you a daily paper. This tells about meals eaten, number of diaper changes, length of naps, summary of your child’s day and if supplies are needed. We do encourage parents to call at any time of the day to check on their child.



Toddler Room

Offers peaceful, nurturing care in a clean environment with many age appropriate toys, books and curriculum. They are involved in activities to promote social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development with hands on learning.

Two Year Olds

Learn many things about God’s world through age appropriate materials. This includes art, science, reading and math readiness skills, dramatic play, nursery rhymes, and biblical stories. They will count 1-25 and start to recognize numbers at a slow pace.


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Three & Four Year Olds

Learn names, sounds, and pictures of all letters of the alphabet, count to 100 and recognize numbers 1-20. They learn about Gods world through the language development that is taught every day. Music, poetry, and finger plays are a valuable part of the preschool curriculum. Fun songs go along with the themes being taught. There is inside and outside play.